List of Best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka Bangalore

MySkool is one of the most prestigious international schools in Bangalore. MySkool Yelahanka is considered as one of the best ICSE Schools near Yelahanka. MySkool, an ICSE school located in Yelahanka, Bangalore is one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka. MySkool is an international school with modern facilities for innovative teaching-learning processes. MySKool is a prominent ICSE School in Yelahanka MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka. MySkool is the only ICSE schools in Yelahanka with modern facilities for innovative teaching-learning processes. MySkool is an international school with modern facilities for innovative teaching-learning processes..



Myskool Public school & PU College has a long tradition of educating children in a dynamic and happy co-educational setting. Where every child is trained to make a difference With a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities. We celebrate a long history of excellence in many areas. Our teachers and support staff are well qualified and committed to enhancing every student’s mental, physical, social and spiritual potential.

Myskool is amongst the best schools in RT Nagar that believes in the ideology of consensus as an essence of human nature. Which culminates in better citizens. Our goal is to make the child efficient both at the personal and social level. Creating extraordinary students, whether it is as part of the CBSE curriculum or as part of the day boarding pedagogy.


Our Mission and Vision

vision board Vision

‘Create a ‘future ready’ dynamic generation’. Our Vision is creating a future ready dynamic generation and empower our kids to apply their acquired skills and knowledge. and to rely upon their personal attributes to lead productive lives and to become contributing members of the global community.

goal img Mission

‘Timeless teaching in a changing world and making education a joyous experience’. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students to realize their holistic potential in the learning process. Which they can related to real life and meets the standards of twenty first century skills.

6 Points We belive in Teaching

The essence of the learning and teaching pedagogy is based on a 6 point program

  • Thinking Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Skills
  • Work Education
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Attitude and Values

“Somewhere in the educational scheme there must be encouragement for the dreams and the imagination of youth. His shy fancies should be drawn out of him for the good of his soul”.

Advantages With MySkool

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Your normal school syllabus which consists of the routine subjects

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You get exclusive access to all the coscholastics offered by MySkool

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Parental Counselling

Parental and Child counselling to bring the best out of your child.


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Pre-Primary | Pre-KG | LKG | UKG

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Primary School


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Middle School


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Play Ground

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Sports Arena

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MySkool Yelahanka - The Best ICSE School in Bangalore

MySkool Yelahanka is considered as one of the most prestigious international schools in Bangalore. MySkool, an ICSE school located in Yelahanka, Bangalore is one of the best ICSE Schools near Yelahanka. MySkool is an international school with modern facilities for innovative teaching-learning processes. It is always a difficult choice to pick the best school at the right price. Therefore, here is an exclusive plan for admission into MySkool for your child. Being one of the top rated, MySkool has carved a niche for itself over the past few years. Sitting to the best of your expectations, all your child’s needs are catered by our expert teachers. MySkool is one of the most prominent chains of international schools in India. Whether students are interested in academics or sports or both, our schools are committed to excellence. MySkool is India's first online portal that helps you search, compare and book schools based on your requirements.

It offers world class information technology (IT) to ease your school search experience. MySkool is a pioneer in the field of education. MySkool, a part of NPS Group of Institutions, was established in 1992 and caters exclusively to the needs of young children between the ages of 2.5-8 years. The ICSE Schools in Yelahanka follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus that is recognized all over India. A school is defined by its people, not its bricks and mortar. At MySkool, you’ll find genuinely warm, inspiring teachers who support students in every way they can. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka mission is to create a world class global education platform that brings the best of international schools to India. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an academic qualification offered by examination boards in many countries including the It usually involves two years of study, but can be done in one or even 6 months. The IGCSE was developed by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to meet the need for an international qualification for students aged 14 to 16 years at the end of their compulsory education. It allows them to demonstrate subject mastery at a higher level than is possible for GCSEs, without the demands of A levels.

MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools near Yelahanka Bangalore for providing quality education. Apart from our finest infrastructure, MySkool offers excellent study material, competitive environment and qualified teachers. As one of the Best ICSE Schools near Yelahanka , MySkool is a premier ICSE Schools in Yelahanka that has made a mark with its immaculate infrastructure, educational facilities and an eco-friendly ambience. MySkool is the first school for the International All-through education center in Yelahanka. , established with the aim to provide world-class education at an affordable price, MySkool has emerged as one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . It is the largest ICSE Schools in Yelahanka which has been providing quality education to hundreds of kids. MySkool is a CBSE school in Yelahanka which offers the best academic environment to its students. Top 10 ICSE Schools in Yelahanka Bangalore. MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools near Yelahanka Bangalore , with an integrated approach to academic, extra-curricular and leadership. Our mantra is holistic education for all-round development. We understand there is nothing more beneficial than a child looking forward to attending school every day and we make sure our students get it!

We are one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka Bangalore. We provide CBSE syllabus school at Yelahanka. The ICSE curriculum which is followed by this school underlines conceptual understanding of ideas and thought processes rather than just cramming up facts. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. It will give you an insight into what we do, who we are and how we can help your child learn better & faster. Students can now easily access their online grades and attendance and parents can stay on top of upcoming assignments and track student progress and attendance. MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools near Yelahanka . With a team of highly qualified and skilled faculty members with years of experience, we provide a structured learning environment for the development of our students. We conduct the MySkool Summer Camp for kids to help them prepare better for next year. MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . 

Established in 2013, MySkool is world-class . It has four branches each at prime locations of North Bengaluru and Yelahanka. MySkool is a one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka .MySkool is a one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . MySkool provides you with a caring educational environment where children can develop their full potential. Our commitment to your child’s development includes providing the best facilities and faculty. An open-minded school founded in 2007 on the values of international collaboration, multiculturalism and experiential learning, MySkool International School is among Bangalore’s premier all-through English-medium international schools. Welcome to ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool. The foundation of knowledge and future success of your child is of paramount importance, and we believe that the beginning of such a journey should be of the highest quality. We take great pride in all we do, and our teams work towards the goal of making education- MySkool. A place where learning is relevant and first-hand experiences help mold your child into the best version of themselves.

How to choose ICSE Schools in Yelahanka ?

Our first-hand experience with ICSE Schools in Yelahanka can be summed up as: When planning a birthday party, choosing a venue that is suitable for the event is quite important. MySkool ICSE Schools in Yelahanka provides a perfect ambience with a satisfied team of skilled staff. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmed (IBDP) is a two year curriculum, culminating in examinations conducted jointly by the International Baccalaureate Organization and the local authorities BOTAUSTIN is an educational platform that provides access to world-class education, anytime, anywhere. Built for working professionals, online students and graduates who desire a comprehensive curriculum with industry-relevant skills. MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . We are right on your doorstep to give your child the best of education. MySkool strives towards excellence in Kid's Education. MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool provides all round development to students by making them well-rounded, innovative, talented and globally competitive.. Our expert faculties are well trained to provide quality education to the students. We provide both co-education and single-sex schooling options. MySkool is a premier ICSE Schools near Yelahanka .

We have a policy to admit children irrespective of their financial condition. MySkool has been well recognized as a preferred ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . MySkool is an ICSE school located in Yelahanka, Bangalore . It has been established to provide education of the highest standards for all children of the community, and more specifically to those who can not afford private schools. Unlike most online schools, ICSE Schools in Yelahanka offer full tuition, not just classes. We use technology to give teachers access to students and students access to teachers. And the roles are likely to be inverted for greater learning. MySkool is the best choice of an academic institution for middle level education . ICSE Schools in Yelahanka are equipped with state of the art teaching methods taught by teachers who are experts in every aspect of the curriculum. Classes are provided for 3-14 year old children to help them grow as responsible global citizens. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka Bangalore are renowned for their good teaching techniques. Students who get admission into these reputed schools do well in competitive exams. Step into the future, where students say futuristic ideas emanate from our college. 6 lakhs for 6 International Boards, 15 International Languages , 38 Inter School Festivals, One of the best campuses in Bengaluru.

MySkool is one of the best ICSE schools in Yelahanka. It is also the top ICSE school in Bangalore West. With a vision of imparting quality education, coupled with values and ethics, MySkool has built up an enviable reputation for its excellent results. Today, MySkool is one of the leading ICSE Schools in Yelahanka Bangalore under Prabhakar Kore Charitable Trust with over 1500 students studying across its two campuses. Being a good school, MySkool aims at transforming the student by both intellectual and moral development. It plays a vital role in grooming the students to be adaptable to the global environment. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka also expects its students to imbibe discipline, respect authority, accept responsibility and accomplish tasks with sincerity. You don’t just get an education. You get a life. At MySkool , we help students discover and develop their interests and passions through programs that enrich their lives and meet the ever-changing needs of modern society.

School is here, time to party! ICSE Schools in Yelahanka has extracurricular activities, expert teachers and innovative tools for your kids to master the power of the “three''. Understand why the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) often asks students to develop a clear purpose for their writing. This article suggests a way to frame a personal point of view based on a topic, problem, or idea. Education has evolved and we can set you up to bring out the best in your child. Choose from our tailored Pre-K to Grade 8 Program, or take an average Grade 9-12 Program if none is available in your area. MySkool is an ICSE Schools in Yelahanka that offers co-education. We cater to the holistic development of your child that will enable him/her to become a creative, self-reliant and confident individual. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool is an ICSE board school offering the CBSE curriculum in English based in Yelahanka. 

MySkool of learning can be your child’s starting point for growth and opportunity. Get started today. ICSE schools in Yelahanka provide top education and the school is one of the best ICSE schools in Yelahanka. It is advised to all parents to make the selection of a right and reliable ICSE schools in Yelahanka. MySkool is known for its excellence in academics. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool believes in holistic growth of the child, which demands academic excellence along with a stress- free environment to prepare the students for the future. MySkool is a design-led school that thinks of itself as a place to discover and learn. Thoughtful planning has been put into every aspect of the building. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka The International Council of Schools of Examinations (ICSE) is a non-profit academic association and is an independent school examinations board, which conducts examinations and awards qualifications for students attending schools in India and internationally.

Why choosing MySkool for your child

ICSE is the second largest examination board for school level education in India next to CBSE. All affiliated schools are required to follow the prescribed syllabus and course of study. Rise and shine! Students of the Week have a chance to win a MySkool swag bag. All they have to do is enjoy a delicious breakfast from a selection of breakfast packs, snap a selfie at their school canteen and share on Instagram MySkool Breakfast? . ICSE Schools in Yelahanka that has pioneered excellence in education for last 25 years and providing an excellent well-rounded education MySkool is one of the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka , MySkool focus on excellence of education, MySkool provide well qualified faculty, MySkool provide well equipped classrooms, MySkool provide well equipped computer lab, swimming pool, basketball court, table tennis room and hostel. We are the best ICSE Schools in Yelahanka , Bangalore for providing education to your child in a very disciplined manner. MySkool is a very neat and clean school in Yelahanka, Bangalore based on the guidelines of the ICSE board. MySkool is a well-known ICSE Schools in Yelahanka. It is a reputed English medium co-educational school affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. Now with MySkool, parents don’t need to worry about the rising fees of ICSE Schools in Yelahanka  

Checkout the best listing of ICSE schools in Yelahanka now!" MySkool is one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore and most affordable among all others in Kalyani Nagar and surrounding areas that offers the most economical fees. This is a rare chance to get admission in all branches of MySkool. We have been preparing students from pre-nursery to 12th Standard for ICSE, ISC and CBSE board exams. At MySkool, we teach English, Math and Social Sciences in a way that is interesting and inspiring. We bring the world into the classroom. Our teacher-student ratio is 1:12 for classes from Grade 1 to Grade 7. With a mission to deliver exemplary quality and standards, ICSE Schools in Yelahanka offers complete New Zealand and international curricula focused on student-centered learning. Since 2013, MySkool has been providing quality education to the children in and around Bangalore. An ISO 9001:2008 certified, CBSE and ICSE school, ICSE Schools in Yelahanka offers a state-of-the-art learning environment equipped with everything essential for holistic learning. Our aim is to use the power of education and play, to unlock children's potential – so they can grow up to be confident, capable and caring adults.

We are a group of ICSE Schools near yelahanka. These are guided by experienced teachers and take training sessions regularly. Our excellence plan is intended to ensure quality education reaching out to every student. Prestigious ICSE Schools in Yelahanka with MySkool. With expert inputs from subject matter experts, MySkool Online will help you handle the school administration more effectively and efficiently. Manage student information while also tracking their academic performances, attendance, discipline issues and much more. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool is a revolutionary education service that provides a comprehensive range of tools and resources to help teachers work with students individually or in small groups. Our adaptive learning programs are designed to prepare students for homeschooling, and hence are ideal for all ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . From the smartly designed Interactive Board to engaging games & student assessments, the MySkool Student Management System allows teachers to manage their classwork easily from anywhere.

We provide a good quality of education, fully accredited by CBSE (as per the ICSE curriculum) to international standards. Our schools are co-educational from nursery to high school with a full complement of facilities. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka is an online teaching platform that lets you join in real-time classes with a live teacher from anywhere in the world. Cutting across time zones, language barriers, and different levels of knowledge, MySkool provides an interactive classroom experience for thousands of students across the globe. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka brings you a one of a kind product, combining all the software features of a traditional face-to-face classroom with the ease and flexibility of online. Using MySkool, students will have the ability to turn on their device (computer, laptop or tablet) any time and learn at their own pace whenever and wherever they want, making their education truly fit their lifestyle. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool treats education as an activity and therefore attempts to keep things as simple, easy and as friendly as possible. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka online learning makes it possible to study on your own time with flexible schedules and lessons that fit your needs. Our lessons offer an interactive social platform where you can improve your knowledge and learn from fellow students around the world.

MySkool is a unique combination of technology and education. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka allows you to download schoolwork from the internet, and make the teachers sign the work done. It also allows you to connect with teachers on MySkool, and it keeps a record of all tests that have been taken. All ICSE Schools in Yelahanka , Bangalore are here. We are a group of experienced educators and academicians having years of experience in ICSE Schools in yelahanka. Our team will provide you with the vital and basic details about ICSE Schools in yelahanka, so that you can choose the right school for your child. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka is a community of teachers and parents who believe in transforming the education sector. We want to give every student a world-class education that they deserve. We are confident that we can make this happen, because right now hundreds of thousands of students learn just like you do, and their results are proof that we're getting there. MySkool has a wide range of resources for ICSE schools in yelahanka including Classroom activities, Teacher developed solutions for Students, Study Materials and Multiple choice quizzes regularly updated by our team of expert teachers.

Find the Right School for Your Child

We are MySkool Education, the best education consultants in Yelahanka. We have a variety of ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . Before signing up for the MySkool Education services, it is a good thing to know at least something about us and the services we offer. Searching for ICSE Schools in Yelahanka? You are in the right place . MySkool is the free online education guide for school going parents. Use MySkool to search for ICSE Schools in Yelahanka ? You are in the right place . MySkool is the free online education guide for school going parents. Use MySkool to find top quality ICSE Schools in Yelahanka New Town and over 98+ educational institutions including parent reviews, fees and location maps. MySkool Online is a leading provider of online education in yelahanka. Study English and other languages and competency courses through the ICSE Schools in Yelahanka MySkool platform. Step into our classrooms and experience the education excellence that is schooling with MySkool live streaming. Watch class lectures, interact in real time with the teacher, get instant grades and feedback. This one-of-a-kind education solution captures the magic of an ICSE school on your laptop and smartphone screens.

No need to commute between multiple sites to meet all your educational needs. We are all set to transform schools into an easy to reach, anytime-anywhere digital classroom. ICSE Schools near Yelahanka MySkool provides online education for class 7th and 10th with free study material, Assignments, Projects, Coaching for school students. We teach students remotely by providing them virtual classrooms and individual teachers. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka is a complete learning solution for students from Grade I to Grade XII, helping them learn in an environment which is not only fun and interactive but closely reinforces the outlined syllabus. It provides 24/7 access to high quality not just about academics but also about life skills and other aspects of personal development through a wide range of facilities such as expert faculty, virtual classrooms, simulations and forums that help students take full advantage of their learning potential and excel in their class. The services provided by ICSE Schools in Yelahanka are designed to satisfy the online learning needs of all.

We here at MySkool ICSE Schools in Yelahanka believe that formality and lack of creativity in classrooms is harmful for kids. And that it prevents them from learning effectively. We have a solution to all this too. And that is MySkool - the first online educational platform in India. It will be like home-learning, where a teacher will guide your child with the help of a multimedia tablet and internet-support. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka is an affordable, flexible and convenient way to choose your own school and learning path. MySkool Online education allows you to pursue a curriculum built around the subjects of your choice, while belonging to a vibrant community, interacting with peers and teachers over the internet. MySkool is one of the leading ICSE Schools in yelahanka Bangalore. It has excellent professors who impart quality education and take utmost care of their students. MySkool has students from ICSE Schools near yelahanka Bengaluru, India. It is a professional network platform for ICSE Schools in yelahanka, ICSE Schools in Bengaluru, India.

MySkool is one of the leading ICSE Schools in yelahanka Bangalore. It has excellent professors who impart quality education and take utmost care of their students. MySkool presents to you the ICSE Schools in Yelahanka, Bangalore. Have a look at their details, including location, facilities, fees and apply online today. MySkool, the one-stop solution to help you find information about ICSE Schools in Yelahanka  . Getting your child enrolled in a good school should be as simple and convenient as possible. But with so many schools to choose from these days, it can be difficult to get the information you need. What makes MySkool special is its simplified one-page format that allows you to browse through all the available information on local schools at the click of a button. Searching for a good ICSE school in Bangalore? Then there is no need to worry as we have excellent ICSE Schools in Yelahanka . MySkool is the best ICSE School near Yelahanka. 

MySkool brings the classroom from our own ICSE schools in Yelahanka and Whitefield, Bangalore, to your doorstep. By immersing classrooms in the world of web 2.0 technologies and social networking, our online educational system is relevant and innovative, giving students access to the latest tools and information – anytime, anywhere. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka teachers use progressive and innovative pedagogical techniques coupled with real-time interaction between student and teacher via video conferencing to deliver the best possible class support for every child. Not only do we deliver the best class at home, ICSE Schools in Yelahanka also help you organize your child's home study schedule by sending daily lesson schedules. MySkool is a comprehensive suite of online education services. From K.G., to Grade IX, MySkool's services are designed to take ICSE Schools in Yelahanka students online. For the student, our tools are simple and intuitive. Parents can receive real-time access to academic data about their children, such as performance in exams and attendance records. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka can keep track of their curriculum and automatically generate reports for government departments like the CBSE and state education boards. Record keeping and data analysis is a breeze with ICSE schools in yelahanka MySkool, making it easier than ever for teachers to build a personalized lesson plan for each student.

Affordable World-class Education

ICSE Schools in Yelahanka Online Education provides fun, interactive lessons that reinforce math, science and language arts skills in an engaging and immersive video environment. A combination of instructor-led video learning and practice exercises help students develop reading and writing skills, concept understanding and problem solving abilities through a variety of exciting curriculum topics - from dinosaurs to the human body each designed to capture the imagination of children. Enroll for your ICSE classes with ICSE Schools in Yelahanka , the pioneer in online education. Get access to over ICSE schools and compare more than 700 features. Compare schools, courses, fees and more at reliable ICSE Schools in Yelahanka ! When it comes to education, India is as varied as it is vast. With a host of students studying in ICSE Schools in Yelahanka, Bangalore and other parts of the country, it becomes necessary for a parent to make informed choices & decisions about the same. We, at MySkool have got you covered on that count. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka has created a portal where each and every ICSE School in Yelahanka can come on a single platform & compete for your child's academic future.

MySkool is India's first fully integrated campus based education solution, catering to the entire K-12 study ecosystem for ICSE Schools in Yelahanka and Kannada medium students. The online portal provides students and parents access to tools that can help them keep track of their grades from class 1 till board exams and also plans ways to improve their performance through in-built analytics. MySkool Online ICSE Schools in Yelahanka , MySkool India offers a unique way to enhance your learning wherever you are and whenever you want it. MySkool will reach out to innumerable students and help them augment their capabilities especially because it covers a large span of domains like education and other educational skills. We have a team of dedicated online education consultants and teachers. When you submit your child's details at ICSE Schools in Yelahanka , our consultants and teachers help you to the best possible schools for that child. Easily manage your school curriculum, teachers' online classes, parents' individualized learning modules, class timetable, tasks, reports and thousands of student details with just a few clicks. Aims to empower the student by providing a superior quality, affordable and accessible education to the student through their personal computer or handheld device. ICSE Schools in Yelahanka network of websites provides easy access to information and educational resources, inter-institutional content sharing, direct communication amongst teachers and students via email, student-teacher surveys and forums for participative governance.