Covid 19

The pandemic (COVID-19) was totally unprecedented and its impact on the education sector has been significant. To continue teaching, every educational institution, be it schools or universities, have leveraged online learning platforms, leading to an increase in the distinctive rise of e-learning. The notion of e-learning has existed for over a decade now, but there have always been myths about the execution of it.  But the pandemic turned out to construct a path for online teaching which indeed has shown escalated retentiveness of information and also as a less sluggish process.

The positive deduction from this methodology of teaching is the adoption of digital technology in regards to the devices, the availability of those devices and access to the internet, which has made knowledge from educational institutions reach even the remotest areas. Utilizing newfangled technologies plays a huge role in enabling quality education, which shall be accessible to all. This has led to accepting technology as a harmonious practice for learning and has also driven the young minds to self-assess themselves since it is they, who are making the ultimate effort to comprehend what is being taught. Synchronous teaching by itself would cater to the needs of interaction within the community of teachers and students, but given that, it itself wouldn’t solve the underlying issue of the students being able to comprehend. Asynchronous teaching along with assessments in various profiles has emerged as the solution to resolve that issue.

Interaction between people (be it between the teacher and the students or between the students) has always been one of the best methods to teach and learn, but this has been the extensive challenge posed in this form of education. Although the pandemic unsealed a lot of opportunities for the online platforms, the occasion was never properly utilized by any of the platforms to address the students individually and this is because of the acceptance of untrammelled admission of candidates. These podiums looked at the shot to be utilized as a means for tutoring and providing knowledge, but forgot to address the fact that neither the students can be able to perceive or stay in momentum with what’s being taught nor can the teachers address the students discreetly.

The use of AI and machine learning and other such technologies do create a marked effect in learning, but it sure doesn’t teach “Life Lessons” and those can be learned only from people who have experienced it in life and share that with their breed. Life lessons do play a principal role in learning and honestly can be done only with a teachers assistance.

Also since it is students self-assessing themselves, it would rather be supportive if they’re apprised about the zones that they’ll need to concentrate on and also are proffered with recommendations that would rather simplify their task of finding the suitable materials which address their perplexities in the subject or concept.

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